A beautiful landscape does not mean you have to spend endless hours working in your yard. We can design, install and service a sprinkler system that will provide you with greener grass, healthier plants and lots more free time with very little upkeep. We use only the best products with competitive pricing. All installations come with a 2 year warranty (parts & labor) and satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Irrigate Precisely & Efficiently With A Smart Control System
    Smart Controllers maximize water efficiency by factoring in everything from soil type to the slope of your yard and the amount of sun exposure different areas receive. By self-adjusting to the landscape's ever changing water needs, smart controllers eliminates the programming errors and guess work of conventional systems, which prevents over watering and under watering of your yard.
  • Drip Irrigation - including planters on boathouses, decks etc.
    Boathouse planter boxes are widely popular in Muskoka. We have the products and experience to efficiently water your planters eliminating the worry of your delicate flowers dying while you are away.
  • Island Installation & Services
    Island sprinkler systems in Muskoka require specific installation and maintenance procedures unique to their rugged landscapes. With many years experience servicing islands in the region we are able to provide different types of installations to best suit your rugged landscape. No island is too big or too small.
  • Full Maintenance Service - including any competitors systems
    Our service technicians are experienced and well trained to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot and repair all brands of sprinkler systems.
  • Spring Start-Up
    Spring is the perfect time for repairing any damage that may have resulted from our harsh winter conditions here in Muskoka. We will check your system and verify each zone is operating properly. We'll clean any in-line filters, set all of the sprinkler heads, adjust the controller and test the rain sensor. During a complete pressure test we check the system for leaks and repair them as needed.
  • Fall Blowout / Winterization We can winterize all types of sprinkler systems - including any competitors systems. All pipes must be cleared of water before freeze-up. Most of the components are delicate to freezing and would break in the cold. Muskoka Rain will provide a peace of mind your system has been winterized professionally with the right equipment.
  • Water Pump Sales & Service
    Irrigation Pumps, Waterfall / Pond Pumps
  • Rain Water Harvesting Systems
    Rainwater can be stored and used for irrigation systems, saving homeowners money by reducing water bills and demand on municipal water supply.
  • Pond Aeration / Fountains
    Aerators and fountains are very beneficial to all aquatic life they help provide oxygen in the water allowing fish to thrive and reduce the growth of aquatic life that can take over your pond. These benefits can be paramount in maintaining the health and beauty of a pond and its habitants. From the smallest to the largest ponds we can install and maintain an aerator/fountain to suit your particular needs.

We're more than happy to provide you with a complimentary quotation. Please contact our office.


Thanks for great service this year!

David I

The two young men that came to our home were so professional and helpful. Thank you!

Mike B

The gentleman who does start-up is courteous, professional and a pleasure to deal with! No wonder you have so many customers. Keep up the great work!

Brian K